Our Ranch Philosophy

Red Gate Bison Ranch is a family owned and operated business which raises grass-fed bison to provide consistently high quality meat
                     *without the use of steroids
                     *without growth hormones
                     *without sub-therapeutic antibiotics.

Low-stress handling is used in all aspects of herd management to provide the best quality meat possible.

Operating Red Gate Bison Ranch with integrity is first and foremost in all our activities. From honoring the majestic nature of the American Bison to decisions in customer relations, our actions are guided by what is in the best interest of our herd and growing the number of people who appreciate the unique beauty of the bison.  We always keep in mind that we are stewards of both the land and our herd.

Every animal and every cut of our meat is inspected by the Louisiana Department of Agriculture. This is not required, but something that we feel is important to assure our customers the best quality bison meat that we can produce.  Additionally, the owners of Red Gate Bison Ranch oversee the cutting of each piece of bison meat. Cuts are vacuum-sealed and then flash-frozen to -10 degrees. This is yet another way that we can ensure our customers get only the finest quality product we can offer.